We are a group of people with a passion on Cyber Security. This blog aims to contribute to the security community, with open source projects, hacking techniques and tutorials. We will try to update it on a regular basis with our experience in the world of Hacking!


Menikos is a network specialist with experience in the telecommunications and ISP industry. He has designed and implemented network infrastructure security controls for large organizations in Cyprus and UK. LinkedIn


s1kk1s is an information security professional with interest in Internal and Red Team Penetration Testing. In his free time he enjoys coding, reading and participating in CTF competitions. LinkedIn Github


TheGeneral is an information Security professional with passsion to Digital Forensics! He is also a Gym addict! 😆


v4kkis is a Cyber Security professional with specialization on Mobile Application Penetration Testing. He enjoys hacking, football, hacking and football. 😒 LinkedIn Github


He who can not be named 😈. An inside joke that went way out of hand! 😆 He is an information security professional with years of experience in the field. In his free time he enjoys researching and developing his own tools for internal and red team engagements.